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In a Nutshell

We are a husband and wife team trying to live a truly EYES WIDE OPEN LIFE.

After years of intensive study, evaluation, trial and error we arrived at a core of profound yet pragmatic insights, and practices which we used not just to transform our own lives, but which Rocco has used to significantly impact the lives of the hundreds of people he has worked with accross the courses, workshops, and one-on-one counselling and coaching since 2020.

We have distilled the best of all the courses and practices into weekly lessons and other powerful resources for our community, enabling them to level up steadily and sustainably in all the key areas of life that matter to us.

The MojoDojo is literally a Dojo, we prepare the weekly lessons and practices, and in time, we will get it all covered. 

You keep showing up, and we will give you all the tools to level up!

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The Core Focus Areas

The weekly sessions and all the supporting resources, session notes, and practices cover the core aspects to allow members to map and follow a tangible pathway to Actualisation:

  1. Self Mastery & Accepting Your Nature
  2. Psychological Self-Repair & Inner Child Work
  3. Communication & Leadership
  4. Emotional Competency
  5. Actual Conscious Relationship
  6. Effective Mindfulness Practices
  7. Flow & Pursuing Purpose
  8. Agile Living 

The core of the lessons and supporting philosophy are backed by a blend of psychology, behavioural science, neurochemistry packaged for easy consumption and integration.



Our Cadence

A new theme is set every New Moon, and in between each cycle where we encourage all members to participate in a Retro to roll in YOUR suggestions and keep find better ways.

This is the philosophy we apply throughout The MojoDojo, we refer to as Honouring the Cycles.

You cannot accomplish everything Now.  But the only way you can safely relegate something important to Tomorrow, is if you have a Routine. Routine is everything.  Routine is not just habit, it is the habit of choosing habits, in their right time.  There is both an art and a skill to this.

This is Dance.  This is the dance of the moon with the Earth, and the way the skirts of her oceans sway.

See the Current Schedule

Please follow this link below to see the current schedule.

Session Details

  • – Weekly 90 Minute Online Session including practices to focus on for the week
  • – Weekly Revision / catch-up Session
  • – Access to Members Only Resources
  • – Weekly Newsletter
  • – Previous Lessons and Notes
  • – Daily nudges / tips / reminders
  • – 20% Discount 1 on 1 Sessions
  • – 20% Discount on Special Events including Online and Retreats

Recorded Sessions

All sessions are recorded.

Subscribed members will get access to any sessions they missed, as well as the full back catalog of previous lessons.

Always Improving

All members are invited to a monthly Retro (Agile).  All suggestions submitted via the website or raised on the day are discussed and prioritised accordingly, around improvements to the website, the class sessions and engagement.

Session Times

Live online Weekly session for all paid members. 

Check your local times:


Main Session :

  • 90 Mins | Saturday 5pm – 6:30pm

Catch-up Session:

  • 60 Mins | Tuesday 5pm – 6pm


Main Session :

  • 90 Mins | Sunday 8 – 9:30am

Catch-up Session:

  • 60 Mins | Wednesday 8 – 9am

If the classes are full or the existing timeslot does not work for you, you can jump on a waiting list for future sessions slots which we will open if there is enough interest.


Nothing breeds motivation & self-belief like results.

Psychological Self-Repair

Lasting progress into your own project of psychological self-repair.

Breaking Cyclic Patterns

Break cyclic patterns of regression or destructive behaviour.

Emotional Resilience

Heal the deep wounds that persist and make you susceptible to triggering.

Self-Knowledge & Self-Love

Deepen your knowledge of self and cultivate Self-Love.


Attain real self-mastery, resilience and composure regardless of the psychological circumstance.

The Methods, Concepts and Practices we will be leaning into each week are already being used with phenomenal success by my Clients.  But seeing one person at a time, is time prohibitive for me and the Client.  What I have put together is the culmination of Thousands of hours, over 5 years of relentless study and exploration into the fundamentals of the all the knowledge, concepts and practices that allowed me to make profund and enduring changes to my perspective, my relationship with myself, my mental-health, my fitness, sense of peace and so valuable, my connection with Purpose.  They are relatable and applicable to anyone ready to do the work.


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Client Testimonials

“My work with Rocco has helped me so much.

Throughout my professional life and military career, I have been seen as a person who has the answers, a strong leader and role model who can get results in most circumstances.

Underneath the collared shirt and facade, however I was overwhelmed by a mountain of guilt, shame and insecurity that had me constantly feeling anxious, unworthy, disconnected, unhappy, and not in control.

Working with Rocco, in really just 7 weeks, helped me overcome some psychological weight that has negatively controlled my life for the past 9 years. It has given me the confidence to lead my life, the freedom to exercise my power to manifest my 'chosen' purpose.

This is a place I haven't occupied for a long time - perhaps ever.

I am incredibly blessed to be the beneficiary of Rocco's experience and teaching and can honestly say that my life can is now clearly separated into before I met Rocco and after.”
Michael Chant
“A testimonial from a client who benefited from your product or service. Testimonials can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”
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“A testimonial from a client who benefited from your product or service. Testimonials can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”
Client name

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About Eyes Wide Open Life

The MojoDojo and myMojoDojoLife.com are a part of EYESWIDEOPENLIFE.ORG

We are living through a crisis of Meaning.  We can no longer reach back into our dated insitutions and systems; they simply were not designed to cope with the complexity and disconnection of modern life.  Our forms of Spirituality do not seem to fit cleanly into the busyness and mania of our lives, and there never seems to be enough medicine in our practices and pursuits of wisdom to really affect the project of true wellness.  

There are not only ways to be grappling with these projects, but there are undoubtedly better ways.

Eyes Wide Open Life exists to explore and pursue the better ways.

No pseudo-science, no spiritual junk food.

There core philosophy of Eyes Wide Open Life is Stable Mutual Actualisation. To learn more, follow the link to website below.

Dedicated to sharing The Philosophy of Stable Mutual Actualisation and the Medicine of Understanding. Home of the Eyes Wide Open Life Podcast.


The podcast about the intention, discernment and experience of finding Belonging and Meaning through Connection and Community.

Social tools for engineering better outcomes through better conversation and aligned incentives.  

A Society of Philosophers and Collaborators dedicated to exploration of the Humanities and the Arts. Home of The Walled Garden Podcast.

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