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Current Schedule

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16-Jul – 12-Aug 2023

This will be the lesson schedule for 16-Jul – 12-Aug 2023


  1. We skipped a week to accomodate the actual Lunar Calendar

This Month’s Theme

The theme for this month is Self-Leadership and Reparenting:

This month we are exploring the theme of reparenting, ourselves, the way our journeys inevitably leave us with wounds of separation and abandonment and our sacred duties and responsibilities to ourselves and to Life to make whole what we feel is wounded within us, not by overcoming our wounds but by Loving them and being loved through them.

The self-discovery we can come to by facing shadow, the choice to courage, the way in which we lead the child within by the door of voluntary vulnerability to come to the place of great healing, can only be exactly this way because all our first wounds arrived in the only place they could arrive, which was the utmost helpless vulnerability of childhood.  

Weekly Schedule

16-Jul – 12-Aug-2023

Week 1: The Seed and the Seedling

Week 2: The Original Wound

Week 3: How You Speak to Yourself

Week 4: Stabilisers: Form & Flow

Zoom Details

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Main Weekly Session

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Mid-week Session

Attendees can join this meeting from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Session Times

Main Weekly Session

Main Session :

  • 90 Mins | Saturday 5pm – 6:30pm

Catch-up Session:

  • 60 Mins | Tuesday 5pm – 6pm
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 Main Session :

  • 90 Mins | Sunday 8 – 9:30am

Catch-up Session:

  • 60 Mins | Wednesday 8 – 9am
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