real words, real feelings; from real people.

I look forward to every lesson.

The Mojo Dojo is next level. As far as I know, there is nothing else out there like it. In my opinion this format and delivery are the future, it makes any other course or program I have done in the past seem quite dated. It’s a relief to know I can drop everything else, knowing that what I need to know for my healing and development will be all in one place.

Greg Kent

Turning up to the mats?

Regular check ins allow for positive and subtle readjustments which have been really good for my journey.
My showing up to the mats (as i love to do) allows me to visit and revisit ideas, and openly discuss within a trusted peer group.
I use some but have not yet explored all the tools on the website – i find this a great toolbox for the ones i do use.
Very glad to have the Mojo Dojo in my life.

Michael Chant

Rocco has the rare gift

Rocco has the rare gift of truly understanding someone and their unique issues in a short amount of time. His knowledge of the human psyche, evolutionary psychology, and the human condition gives him the ability to help someone heal their psychological wounds. He has taught me the importance of acknowledging and healing my inner child. His goal is to teach me how to reach my full potential through honesty and love. He provided me the proper tools and strategies on how to heal myself. He has also taught me importance of self-permission and self-love.

Angie Orozco


What do you wish to say to the world which might set wings to the abandoned but once noble ideas?

It is true, we cannot change people, but we can speak with conviction and passion and thus set lights in the sky of their mind, that the moths of their own inner wisdom may be draw to them, or not.

Rocco Jarman

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