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News & Media

Into The Unknown

A highly recommended Listen: One of our members Greg Kent was recent interviewed on the The Best Self YouTube Podcast, discussing personal growth, generational trauma, and finding peace and meaning amidst uncertainty; Choosing Love over Fear.

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News & Media

What’s The Value Podcast

Rocco’s recent interview on the The Vanquish Podcast, discussing human nature, societal challenges, the advance of technology, psychological healing, perspective & wisdom, facing our own storms and the necessity of accepting our natures. Listening time 67 minutes.

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Making Hay

For the next month, (up to June 3, 2023), I have created a booking type for time with me half price. See Post for details.

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Welcome to the MojoDojo

“it is no sign of good health, to be well adjusted in a profoundly sick society”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

This is the first of its kind, and no doubt others will follow.  We are all constantly looking for ways to manage our mental health and wellness, to get more from our relationships, to be more present and more connected with our sense of purpose in this life, we need regular resets and a path to follow. 

The MojoDojo is our answer to that need.

This is a virtual dojo AND a growing library of self-help tools and resources, grounded in behavioural science and psychology, without compromising on our human need for sacredness and spiritual meaning, without resorting to pseudo-science or spiritual junk food.  

The resources are delivered the way you want to use them:


Hear what members are saying

real words, real triumph, from real people

– Weekly Lessons you can attend online or watch later in your own time.

– Daily reflections, short reads to reconnect with our own perennial wisdom.

– Practices, concepts and fundamentals for psychological self-repair

– Direct Guidance, 5 minute audio clips to help with emotional triage and anytime awakening.




Changing Schedule

Direct Guidance

“A sanctuary… and at times a crucible, it is a place where I can gain knowledge and stay organized with my self work.
I used to be anxious that I was wasting precious time sifting through the vast amounts of unorganized information out there, never really getting a good foothold. 

The Mojo Dojo has brought me relief from that anxiety and the freed up mental space enables curiosity for my experiences and focus for the actual work. Serendipity lead me here and I am eternally grateful.”

Alex Vautour. Firefighter, husband, father. Yukon CA

Daily Reflections

Be inspired.

Maturity and Leadership

Modesty is redundant if you are simply honest and self-aware. Piety is redundant if you are simply authentic and open to true gratitude. Demanding Piety and Humility from each other

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Healing through our Wounds

Do not let people tell you that you are wrong to love or dream, even if it wounds you both. Where it wounds you, needed opening and healing all along, where it wounds them, does not in truth wound them, only exposes where they were wounded all along. The same is true for you.

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Without a Map

Our Life has cycles and seasons, and so, we end up being very new to the world sometimes, with all the vulnerability that brings. It is a gift.

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