We Live Life as if it were Inevitable

Photo: Unsplash | Eduard Delputte

We live as if life was inevitable.

We burn our best hours debating over whether to Be or whether to Become, when nature has already shown, has always shown, The Way.

Ebb and Flow.

Rise and fall,

cycles and seasons.

We spend more time worrying about whether things will come soon enough, lamenting what has passed or fretting about whether we will have enough time, burning the very currency we are trying to save, and thus spend it poorly.

We struggle against the currents of the water of our journey, missing the point of the blessing we are carried by and held in at all times.

Your thread is woven into the great tapestry.

You are connected to everything and everyone.

Come to stillness and embrace that connection and you will see, you belong, you have always belonged and you will always belong. And all those that you war against, the moments of your life you try and escape, they belong too. They are part of you, just as surely as the valley defines the mountain, and the mountain defines the valley.

Celebrate life. Celebrate yourself.

Celebrate beginnings, celebrate endings. Do not miss the beauty in sorrow, do not be deaf to the alive silence of the night when the day has passed nor the ever present invitation to your inheritance that lies at the utter heart of surrender.

It is precisely in our defeats not our triumphs, that we discover the deepest nature of our hearts and the true face of our most private hopes.  It is what the trials of the climb threaten to take from you that frame with pristine clarity the connection we have to any meaning we might come to in life.

The world can do with more mindful guides, and less mindless vandals, of the natural countryside of flow and grace.  Simply being the way, can do more in pointing the way to others than all the preaching and rule-making in the world.

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