We are never Ready

we cannot choose our starting positions, 
or the tools we have today,
but we can choose tomorrow's.

To reach, means both to strive towards something beyond ourselves, and our arrival there.

Our job is not to explain the handicap we have or the mess we have inherited from our childhoods that we now need to address, our job as individuals and as a species, is to get over our models of perfection, expectation, victimhood, and figure out not where wish to start from today, but where we want to wake up tomorrow and how we want to look back on our efforts and attitude of today and celebrate how we spent more energy living and doing than wishing and blaming.

There is no perfect way to start and no perfect place to start from. We start from where we are, with what we have.

One step at a time. No One Else is Coming.

there is no perfect place to start from, 
there is no perfect way.
we start from where we are
with what we have.
The perfect time however does exist,
it is always

to be a leader is to understand
that doing something imperfectly
with the right intent;
a willingness to take on feedback
and commitment to improve,
requires no time to get started
and no barriers to starting.
it should also require no permission
and carry no risk of blame
if mistakes are made.

actualisation is the leadership of self.

Give up on other people’s questions. Give up climbing other people’s steps.

Ask your own questions, take your own step.

Begin now. You will never be ‘ready’.

Ask the question that frightens you.

Start, with the step, you don’t want to take.

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