There is no Mountain

the divine that i seek,
is not in the temple,
if it is not also outside the temple...

Our journeys through childhood, our lack of initiation into adulthood, our being lead and taught by people who themselves had never been properly inducted into life, programmed by a culture that had long since lost its way, has left us imagining that spirituality and truth, that attainment is something we find outside ourselves, up a mountain, in the stars, in deep caves, in tea leaves, in ancient books, in the jungles of peru, in Alan Watts lectures, in temples, in piety.

There is no ladder. There is no mountain. There is no ‘there’ there. There is no quaint heaven, no paradise, no perfect pose, no singing bowl, no perfect mantra, no trick, no redemption, there is no ‘thing’.

What you seek is not found in seeking, it is not come to by more doing, more trying, more reading, more praying.

It simply is. it always was, and always will be.

if anything, it is a ceasing, an undoing, a de-programming, a letting go, an unlearning,

It is an allowing, of the most ordinary moment.

The keys to all the locks lie, simply, of course, where we do not want to look.

The doors which bar our way to the freedoms which we seek, are locked, always we discover, from within.

The path lies beneath your feet, the great person you aim for, to be like, to one day become, is an idea you created

and harbour in your mind, which you placed in the shrine of your own imagining.

If you can imagine it, it is already within you.  And what’s more, that shining noble ideal you envision, on the mountain top, is something you created.  The distance between that and where you are now, is the measure of your own shame.

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