The Two Paths to Wholeness

Photo: Unsplash | Hans Eiskonen
There are two paths to healing and wholeness:
The one is surrender, the other is Understanding.

We are given the choice to forego the burden of understanding the world and simply choosing to embrace Love, to stand in Love and and to accept that all the world seeks to embrace us. In choosing this path, we surrender our need to understand pain and discomfort. We choose to simply Trust. This is the path of Faith and it’s only prayer, the only answer to that prayer, is Love.

The other path, is an impossible journey, which some are drawn to, to know the mind of what is, to endure great discomfort and loss, to discover the medicine of Understanding, so that the way can be made easier by others who cannot find peace without it. The prayer, is for Meaning. This is a hard road that can seem to lead both nowhere and everywhere, and we wander it, on a pilgrimage, without the comfort of a map. This pilgrimage becomes fulfilling only when we discover to the first two truths along the way, the first is Self-permission, that the only star we can follow is our own authenticity, that there is no right way or only way, only in truth better and worse ways, and to each of us, they can seem different. The second is that the only compass we need is our human heart and the shape love makes when we hold it.

I chose this way. I chose Understanding. I could not have chosen otherwise, for I was created with an imperishable flame of Defiance.

In my refusal to yield, Life threshed me. I wandered long and alone along the hard road. And in Choosing this way and it’s lessons, I became aware of the gift, of Understanding; My challenges are here to awaken me, not to undo me. And the only question I really need ask myself is, would I rather be awake to what is real, or asleep, and naïve to the truth of this world.

The more present I am, in every moment, the more I realise this world is out to serve me.

The world is revealing itself to me, in every moment, as much when I am sad as when I am happy. As much when I am frustrated and blocked as when the way open and made clear. The world is not saying ‘no’, it is simply saying ‘not yet’, ‘not that way’, ‘not so much’.

Make your Choice.

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