The only right way

the only right way 
to worship
is your own way.
even so, it is up to you
to make it count.

We have many powerful traditions at our disposal, and people throughout our lives that prescribed to us, often in ways we had no freedom to ignore, how we should conduct ourselves and how we should worship. This includes how we should form our relationship with what is sacred to us, what we do and don’t dare ask for in prayer, the language we should use, how to sit, what to eat, what not to eat, which way to face, and the names we were allowed to say aloud.

What a conceited arrogance to tell another human soul how they are allowed to belong to the Great Secret.

And the pundits and priests became not helpful guides, but semantic auditors and gatekeepers of faith, and so our spiritual traditions lost their essence and became hollow as we parroted the motions and spoke the words without heart, and lost the connection.

Sacred does not need to have anything to do with shared or imposed ideas of religion or god, or whimsy. It is simply the answered wish to discover something deep, foundational and meaning about this world and our sense of very private gratitude and belonging, we get from that encounter.

The formula matters less than the intention. All the detail and structure is scaffolding and window dressing. What matters is how you stand in your heart, because between you and the giver of life and bestower of blessing, the only door is sincerity and authenticity. And you cannot lie to yourself, and get away with it.

The only right way to worship, is your own way, but even so, it is up to you, to make it count.

Doing something to prove devotion is to misunderstand devotion.

the ringing
of the sacred bowl
is no more holy
than the sound
of the pedal bin closing.

the consecrated altar
and the discarded shoes
at the threshold
are the same seat of god.

the devotee
in strict and practiced asana
in the silence of the temple
sits in the same shadow of life
as the child
striving with the kite
in an errant wind.

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