The Choice to Courage

The choice to courage, 
the way in which
we lead the child within
by the door of voluntary vulnerability,
to come to the place of great healing,
can only be exactly this way
because all our first wounds
arrived, in the only place they could arrive,
which was the utmost helpless vulnerability,
of childhood.

most of us in fact arrive at legal driving age and legal drinking age, in what the world frames as adulthood, never having arrived fully in our bodies, not fully.

our parents never taught us, because they themselves were never taught and all we can say perhaps, is that they did better than they themselves were shown.

we have all the attendant physical equipment to have mature relationships, but we of course are still working it all out, there are no manuals, and even if there were, the world changes faster than any system could keep up with. Our leaders and our teachers are themselves children who never grew up, and we all, are pretending we know what we’re doing; taking our lead from others who pretend they know what they are doing.

We have no rites of passage and so few adults of great heart and true deep grounded wisdom, to initiate us. And the worst among us do not hesitate to lead and brag, and the best among us are infected with the twin virus of Guilt and Shame, leaving us to walk our small furtive steps in the shadow of our own self doubt, fearful of stepping up because we have been taught to give oneself permission to say no, permission to choose your own way, is an arrogance and a hubris.

is the welcoming home
of authenticity,
our first child,
which we had driven from the home,
in favour of sparing
the uninvited guests
of the world’s petty virtues,
the burden of their own embarrassment.

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