Stance is a Choice

Photo: Unsplash | Joshua Earle
We are who we repeatedly choose to be. 

Everything is hard at first.

A lot of the project of Growth and Healing comes down to a kind of growing up, accepting that: There are no quick fixes, there is not some Deus Ex Machina, there is no magic bullet that will change our predicament without presence, persistence, stance and a bit of grown-up acceptance that the answer is inside of us.

We are not to blame for what happened to us or how we might have become stuck here, but it is our responsibility to lead our selves out.

We tend to search for answers in courses, podcasts, Cacao ceremonies, sacred plant medicines, yoga, breathwork, meditation, Instagram gurus, influencers, coaches etc.

Or perhaps we ruminate and navel gaze and journal and ‘meditate’ hoping some change will manifest despite having covered the same ground hundreds if not thousands of times.

These are all great and necessary, but they are not enough. We are enough.

Others among us apply their faith plumbing the traditions and teachers of the past, tugging at the hems of sages, trying to squeeze the nuance and complexity of our modern context into the shoebox of past wisdom.

Others still are waiting for some redeemer like a messianic billionaire, or some out-of-touch politician to make all our troubles go away.

No one else is coming. But we are enough.
Attainment requires Practice.
Practice requires showing up – full presence, and full presence requires stance.

Stance is a Choice.

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