Progressive Unfolding

If you have a sacred gift, and you know it, deep inside, 
do not be troubled when you don't know yet,  
through which door it will go out into the world; 
use this time to hone your craft, to make yourself ready. 

The cups of the hearts you will yet fill,
have their own journeys to get to you,
and they are ripening and becoming ready, 
in their own way.

Have Faith.

“Failure and success come to test the depth and nature of your commitment.
Time is perfectly spaced to hear the echo of your sincerity.” The Book of Changes

What you are seeking is also seeking you, but sometimes neither it nor you, are ready, yet.

The closer you lean into the truth of who and what you are, the more you are prepared and ready to let go of the way you are attempting to hold the conversation, the more ready you are to wait and allow everything to be as per its own seasons.

We need to accept that people and our gifts and our purpose, arrive together only when we can open ourselves to the Invitation, and allow ourselves to be guided through an initiation into the unfolding seasonality of how those three things meet and can only meet at this moment, accepting fully that it will change and keep changing.

The invitation is a progressive Unfolding. So are we, so are our gifts, so are other people, and places and therefore, so is Truth.

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