My Life is my Practice

Photo Credit: UnSplash | Eneko Uruñuela
The meditation is good.
The Jiu-Jitsu is good.
The Yoga is good.
The breath-work is good.
The journaling is good.

But Life, happens off the mat.

The world has changed. Life must change with it. We cannot have practices and expect them to bring about the profound changes we truly thirst for, without letting the mindfulness and self-mastery bleed off the mat and into the rest of our day:

All our relationships, all our interactions, the way we eat, our relationship with food, our self-talk, our investment in ourselves, our friendships, our feuds, our habits, our ideas about sex, body image, intimacy, the way we express ourselves, saying too much or too little, the obligation we feel to fill empty silences, the masks we wear, the versions of ourselves we feel obliged to project to spare other people the burden of their own embarrassment or in our failure to step up and accept ourselves wholly as we are, saying:

“This is where I am, and that’s okay, for now.”

All of life, working through your past, the madness of the present moment, the way your hopes and ambition both define and elude you, every interaction with the world is preceded with an interaction with yourself, and every moment then is an incredible opportunity to listen, come from love, not fear, to pause, to define what real courage looks like, to accept that reluctance is ever-present, in all things, at all times, and, there are no perfect choices or only ways, simply better or worse ones, that all carry with them the promise of some regret. How we wear that regret later is a function of making our choices from love rather than from fear.

Your self-acceptance and self-validation is firstly no one else’s job, their life is their own practice, and it is the reason you were put here for. To show yourself love, and to make that the meaning of your life.

Your life is your practice.

Live a good day, live a good life.

No One Else is Coming.

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