Making Choices from Love

Photo: Unsplash | Heidi Fin
If you are making a choice from love, you are choosing growth.
If you are making a choice from fear, you are choosing to remain small.

Love is growth, and choosing challenges, and their attendant discomforts.
Fear is stagnation and diminishing, choosing safety, and avoiding discomfort.

You are neither the limit of your reach, 
nor your reflection, 
nor your shadow, 
but they are undoubtedly of you.

Infinity collapses into ‘finity’ and intangibility collapses into tangibility when you own a Choice, when you choose a stance of noble defiance towards the indifference in the world.

If we inspect our choices, every single choice where we are doing something to ease our discomfort or avoid emotional distress, are things we do either from Love or from Fear.

We are social animals, and in that we are caught always in the games of Status, Permission and Value.

When we leave the power of these determinations in the hands of our society, our peers, even our closest friends and lovers, or people we are supposed to be leading, we act always from Fear.

Stop now, become really still for a moment, let the posturing subside and the chatter along with it. And consider what your thoughts are captured by, it will be less about an actual problem and more about how other people might see you or how you see yourself in relation to someone who you have put on a pedestal, or who you have given, often at their complete unawares, the power of rating you worthy of status, permission or value.

So much of what troubles us in the project of vying for status, of seeking permission and attempting to convince others of our value, is Story.

So much of that drama is going on in our heads. To inherit your Power, is to obtain Peace, is to stand in the full Vulnerability of not being granted Status, Permission or Value by anyone else outside yourself. That shit is Power. This is how we end up being unmoved and unmovable by smallness.

Make your choices from Love. You gain everything and lose nothing that was not yours to begin with.

We are here to do our part, nothing more. If it is a great part, do it with grace. If it is a small part, so it with greatness.

“Be yourself – everyone else is taken.” Oscar Wilde

Status, Permission and Value are prizes we cannot avoid pursuing, they are our Needs through which we obtain Love, Freedom and Belonging, but we cannot get them from Other, they must come from Self.

Fear will keep you small. Love will hurt, but you will grow.

Did you really come here to cower in the shade or stride out into full light of the Sun?

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