Healing through our Wounds

Time heals all scars. Not all wounds.

The wounds are there for a reason, which has no right to go away. Scars happen when the lesson is learned or where there was no lesson, they are their own lesson. Wounds are where the great lesson awaits. Those places of deep wounding, were always at our place of unguarded truth, that foundational core of whatever it is in us that dares to hold onto dreams. Part of the journey towards authenticity, is the letting go of small dreams, because so often they were in fact other people’s dreams. That didn’t make them bad dreams, just perhaps not your dreams. And you had to let go of so many, you arrived mistakenly at the conclusion that we are not meant to harbour any.

The truth is, the chaff of the lesser had to give way to make room for the rare kernel of the greater.

You get to hold dreams. The wound simply shows where to look to discover the shape of what would make our hearts the fullest.

Poetry and archetype are the language which give name to the shape.

And almost all of it, always, is the way you want the world to honour your dream. And the sincerity of that expectation is the measure of your vulnerability. The trick is to unlearn this bullshit idea that we are fools to dream, to face the whole full moon of your dream, then see what it lights in the dark meadow of your subconscious, and the vulnerability to be harvested and threshed to get after it.

Do not let people tell you that you are wrong to love or dream, even if it wounds you both. Where it wounds you, needed opening and healing all along, where it wounds them, does not in truth wound them, only exposes where they were wounded all along. The same is true for you.

We assume ill will of another without learning their true heart, we simply betray the shadow of our less than better selves. And our ringing pain, they triggered by their action, was just a flag to alert us, to where our wound already lay, all but dormant before they ever came along.

If a friend can endure bad blood between you, and be content to look away, they are not your friend. Be that friend both, that can be courageous in the honesty and courageous also in their ability to listen.

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