Greatness and Smallness

Photo: Unsplash | Timothy Eberly
our Smallness can devour our Greatness,
if we allow it.

Our pain, can eclipse our joys
If we allow it.

When Fear is the default,
Love is the only true Choice.

Greatness is a choice and we are, all of us, who we repeatedly choose to be.

The circular irony is that it is in fact not a sign of good health to be well adjusted in a profoundly sick society, but the poor health of the society is something we allowed through distraction and unconscious capture by the dazzling light-show of modernity and the compelling drama we subscribe to, generate and are validated by, in every moment.

We feel we are entitled to so much without realising that entitlement always points to an underlying belief in victimhood.

We claim virtues and modesties outwardly which we do not really hold authentically within and we are dishonest about our true wants and our true vulnerabilities because we are afraid.

We are all afraid of each other; particularly of not being valued, of not being accepted, of not belonging. This is all that matters to us in the end. Underneath it all, we want to be assured that we are good, so that we can deserve, so that we can have enough, and so that we can belong without shame.  Shame is the ledger of poor choices that we have to submit to the clerks of our own higher self, as audited through the distorted lens of self-neglect.

We are all ill with the uncertainty of it and all looking to each other for reassurance. We are ill with Shame.

No one else is coming. You must become the leadership, the grace, the shelter, the certainty which you are searching for everywhere outside yourself that you cannot find.

Fuck shame.

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