Enough is not an Amount

Enough is not an amount, it is a Decision.

We cannot choose what we face exactly, but we can choose how we face it.

To face something means, in an archetypal sense, to stand our ground in a way, to Choose, not so much whether we are to win or lose, not even how others will speak of us, but rather how we will remember ourselves after the moment has passed.

It is the only Free Will we really get.

We don’t choose the language we grow up speaking, how that frames our thinking, we do not choose, at first, our beliefs, our country of birth, our gifts and shortcomings, we just sort of wake up to the trouble of them one day and look around and wonder if there has been some injustice or some mistake, if we have been overlooked, or forgotten, or are being punished for some small failing.

Our responses at first may be compliance, pleasing, virtue, Trying, or perhaps bitterness or frustration.
It boils down always to blame of something or someone, efforts to control, to be noticed, to be validated and accepted, all of which are empty cups that never can be filled.

Later in life, we get locked in the plot and intrigue of Story, imagining if we retrace our steps and find the villain or the misstep we made, we will somehow rescue the shape of the day we wake up to tomorrow.

The only power we really have in the face of the unfolding mystery is Stance. We get to choose how we face what is unfolding, how we meet it, and how we embody the delicate balance between dignity and vulnerability, between surrender and defiance.

Stance is everything. We can choose our stance in every moment, and in the end, who we are in this Life, is who we repeatedly Choose to be.

Enough, is not an amount, it is a decision.

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