Better Language

Child of the Moon by Eduardo Calzado
Artist Credit: Eduardo Calzado
our language is too small 
for the territory we already entered.

Ludwig Wittgenstein said “the limits of my language define the limits of my world.”

The thing we are searching for is Meaning, without Understanding we cannot arrive at Meaning, and the key to better Understanding, is better language.

We are overdue for better language, and not all of that language is purely verbal. It is as much the way we speak to ourselves, the way engage in our small but constant acts of exchange with the world, the way we hold the conversation with our sense of belonging in the world, the way we express our expectations of the world and the way we react when the world does not live up to them.

The world is changed, and we are still holding a conversation with what has already passed, with a version of ourselves that no longer exists. Online, at work, in our bedrooms, even in our inner counsel, we are holding a conversation in language that is too small for the moment that is unfolding.

We are locked in a fiction. The political drama is Story, the villains and heroes of social media, all fiction. Even much of your identity and personal drama is a fiction.

Be very still, so that you may see the truth that everyone are actors, even yourself. Do this and the illusion will slip – keep doing it and the illusion will fall in a more lasting way. And you will immediately long for better language to describe what you see. When your language expands and deepens, your world will deepen.

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