A Prayer for Letting Go

I release you, so 
that you may release me.
The place that I take in your heart,
the way you speak to yourself in my voice,
and conjure my face,
let it be now only
the part of me
that you knew to be good,
that may serve to guide you
towards your truth.

By this;
I make the way clear again
between us,
and allow the bonds and chains that
we felt as wounds,
to be loosened,
so that we may connect again
with that in the world
which we loved in our hearts
about each other.

By this,
I make the way clear again
for me,
to connect again
with that about Life
which I loved in my heart
about myself.

I release you, so
that you may release me.
That we may put down
the weight that we carried
from our time together
and our parting;
and have washed clean at last,
the lingering taste
of the way we parted,
and acknowledgement
of the scars that we held,
each in our own manner and measure
of reckoning
more by the lessons they describe
than the manner or measure
of wounding.

I release you, so
that you may release me.
That we may be left to carry only
that part of our song,
which knew only
how to love
and be loved,
something that may yet grow
into a feint hymn of fondness and appreciation
that is overheard being sung, unbidden
in the garden our hearts by a bird
whose name we never learn.

Here at the end of this cycle
there is nothing left to forgive.
I let it go,
so that I may belong, fully, to the next cycle,
and leave all that is small in me, behind me
and take all my inheritance with me.

I honour the one
that walked the road, that bore the chains,
that gave and received the wounds,
I carry your essence with me,
in the form of Understanding.

I am free.
I wish you to be free also,
and by that I am made free.

I am whole.
I wish you to be whole also,
and by that I am made whole.

Rocco Jarman
from the Collection, The Way

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