14-May – 11-Jun 2023

This will be the lesson schedule for 14-May – 11-Jun 2023


  1. This month is not dedicated to Lessons, but rather to Reflections sessions

This Month’s Theme

The theme for this month is Drinking from a Deeper Well:

This month we explore the possibility of putting down all the doing and the becoming and come back to the stillness of Now, to be welcomed back into the conversation and to be initiated again into the Seasonality of our Lives.

Secretly we are all longing for Belonging. We are in a desperate search for Meaning and Purpose. And we fill every space and every silence with urgent questions and hurried answers, and we end up taking shallow sips, and brushing right past the deep and ancient wellspring from which our true sense of nourishment and belonging actually stems.

Weekly Schedule

15-May – 11 Jun 2023

Week 1: A Season of Rewilding

Week 2: Stopping Holes

Week 3: Mending Walls

Week 4: Journeys & Coming Home

Zoom Details

Members are responsible for checking their local times.The zoom links change from time to time.

Main Weekly Session

Attendees can join this meeting from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

See Below for Session Times

Mid-week Session

Attendees can join this meeting from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

See Below for Session Times

You will need:

  • a quiet room, where you can participate without interruptions.
  • a working internet connection that can support voice and video calls
  • a microphone + camera
  • a large screen (tablet or larger)

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